Italian Style Macarons

Lil Miss Macaron specialises in the Italian method of making the macaron. Macarons are the perfect addition to your special event.
Whether it be on a dessert buffet like the one pictured or as bonbeniere at your wedding.
These macarons were made for Style & Grace Candy Buffet's to feature on their "Tiffany" inspired candy buffet.

Valentines Day Macarons

These delicious heart shaped macarons were made for Valentines Day 2012. The delicious oversized macaron had the mouthwatering strawberries & cream filling with delicious fresh strawberries. Presented in a gift box with a custom designed label, they were a huge hit with LMM fans and will be featuring every Valentines Day.

Macaron Tower

Perfect for a table centrepiece at a wedding.

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Lil Miss Macaron is a botique macaron business run by me, Belinda

I love foodie shows, and when I saw Adriano Zumbo on Masterchef I desperately wanted to try the creations he made. At the time they (macarons) weren't well known in Adelaide and I had trouble finding some for my first ever (now to be annual) Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - in 2011. So I set about trying to make them myself, and as they say - the rest is history! I love baking, I love seeing people's eyes light up and see the pleasure on their faces as they eat my "little pieces of awesomeness".

Little Pieces of Awesomeness…


To make the perfect macaron, every detail must be fussed over to obtain the perfect balance of texture, taste and appearance. I pride myself on giving every macaron I make the love and attention it needs to please your senses.


I pride myself on being able to custom colour the macaron shell to match any theme. Whether it be for an engagement, wedding or birthday – if you need a certain colour then I’m your girl. With a large selection of ever growing flavours, you won’t be able to stop at just one.


Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, birthday or a wedding – macarons are the perfect sweet to indulge. They can be set beautifully amongst other candies & sweets on a dessert buffet, or as the bonbeniere for the guests. Let me create something amazing for your special event


Come and taste our flavoursĀ at a market. Check out our facebook page for updates on where and when.